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The Team


Matt Voigt

the instigator

I was born in Chicago and realized at an early age that vitamin D was in short supply around the Midwest. San Diego bound, I took the road trip of my life with one parental unit and a hamster (long story) only to take up residence under my desk. Sometimes I break out of my office to live the saambaa life. Doing it with friends is usually about getting dirty and meeting the local emergency room staff, or at least taking a shower. You can find me running around the bay, stopping often to catch my breath while being timed by a sundial.

place: the final frontier

rush: climbing

vegetable: lamb shank


Mike Petanovitch

the mixologist

I’m originally from Connecticut, but I escaped the brutal East Coast winters in favor of sunny San Diego. You can usually find me on (or in) the ocean. If I’m not there, swing by Mexico and join me for a cerveza. I’ll be chilling next to an ocotillo. I’m a fan of gardening, BBQ, camping and relaxing. I avoid phone calls because they are not efficient, so don’t bother calling me, send a text instead.

school: UConn (alumn & fan)

outside: outrigger canoe racing

place: any tropical island


Ryan Goodman

the game guru

I’m a recent graduate of Cal Poly, SLO and a former Co-Chair of PolyCon. I was raised in San Diego and proudly participated in the school band and on the waterpolo, swim, and Botball teams. Now, you can typically find me wandering the beach or playing my music way too loud.

battle reenactment: ancient spartan

claim to fame: ancient dubstep assassin

personal record: more games than most people know exist


Tanner Gruebele

the renaissance man

Imported from the frozen tundra of Minnesota. I now spend my time on the sunny Californian beaches by day and icy hockey rinks by night. In my day to day, nothing excites me more that learning a new trade or improving an existing one. The way I see it, no challenge is too great when you have plenty of coffee.  #thelife

drink: American mule

favorite comedian: Joe Rogan

teams: Detroit Red Wings / Minnesota Vikings


Miles Healey

the rider

If you were just passed by a motorcycle that might have been me. And when not riding on two wheels you can find me riding the Southern California waves on my longboard. I don’t code but I’m a pretty good lifehacker. And no matter what, I’m always in.

ride: Ducati

when not in CA: Montana

pastime: trading


Amanda Nehring

the branding enthusiast

A recent transplant from New Jersey, I gave up fist pumping at the Jersey shore to pursue a MBA at the University of San Diego. When I’m not putting together a marketing campaign, you can find me outside getting dirty. I’m a music festival veteran with an aptitude for adventure. Whether it’s hiking the nearest mountain, camping or wakeboarding – if it’s outside and active, I’m there.

music: jam bands

attire: homemade jorts

festival: Bonnaroo


Scott Kurth

the guide

Raised on ski’s in British Columbia and chased the sun to California. I still feel guilty sitting inside on sunny days–but sometimes trade the sun for a So-Cal Hockey Rink. Haven’t found anything I didn’t think I could improve on (except my wife). Always seeking new adventures and love sharing summits, waves, music & good times with friends and family.

favorite axe: Les Paul

place: long, remote river trips

quote: “Look Mom, no hands!”


Zak Karst

the viking

A flat-lander with a gypsy heart, I drifted to Southern California from the Great Lakes once and now I continually make raids on commerce there from a comfortable fort in Nashville. I like cats but I suffer the girlfriend’s dog. He’s alright, though. One day I may return to San Diego… if they could only solve the weather problem.

dinosaur: gorgosaurus

movie: Fight Club

thinker: Marcus Aurelius