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Saambaa helps advertisers engage new audiences using local entertainment Video Engagement ModulesTM embedded on premium publisher websites.
According to the IAB, video advertising now accounts for 50% of digital ad budgets, and eMarketer’s recent data shows video advertising is growing at double-digit rates.
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We provide highly engaging content for people, which helps them solve a core problem: Learning about local fun events and activities in their city. Local + fun = engaging, so people pay attention to what we have to say.

Brand Safe

We stand behind brand safety because all of our content is professionally produced and we control it.

Professionally Produced Content

Saambaa’s content is professionally produced and sourced from top local media companies; we further curate it using sophisticated algorithms. You needn’t worry about your brand being featured alongside negative or offensive news.

100% Viewability
(and only by humans)

Saambaa Video EngagementsTM ONLY PLAY IN VIEW; we won’t serve impressions unless the ad is scrolled on screen. Saambaa works with the industry’s most reputable 3rd party verification platforms to ensure views are from a living, breathing mammal with 46 chromosomes.

Furthermore, our Video Engagement ModulesTM stop playing ads if the reader scrolls it out of view. That means saambaa’s video completion rates (which are 2x better than top social platforms) are TRUE COMPLETION rates. No shenanigans.

Saambaa’s native Engagement ModulesTM are installed directly on our distribution partners’ pages. We represent our own inventory at affordable eCPMs, all while delivering a premium user experience.

Reach Your Audience

Our distribution partners are top publishers; they place our video Engagement ModulesTM natively on their pages, making for a great user experience. We have the audience you need on desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • cnn
  • coxmedia
  • straight-talk
  • uscellular
  • allmusic
  • review-journal

We provide a list of premium sites, which allows you to pick and choose where to run your ads. You can access our inventory through your preferred DSP or directly through our managed services.

Want to make your ad skippable? No problem. Want to target a specific audience or have specific KPIs? We’ll carve out a channel to meet your needs. From tracking beacons to brand studies, we have you covered.

How It Works

Integrate programmatic or work with us direct.

We work with any DSP including DBM. Our inventory is listed on several marketplaces including AdX, SpotX and SpringServe; place your bids or chose Deal IDs; we are flexible! We also provide managed services for non-programmatic partners.

Target the audience you want.

We can work with your 3rd party data targeting. Find the customers you’re looking for – age, gender, location (down to zip code level) and more. We can even target your ads to run on specific publishers or meet prescribed KPIs.

Custom solutions for any need.

Need help developing your video creative? Looking to create a custom landing page? Want input on best practices? Interested in running native content within our Discovery ModulesTM? Let us know what you need and we’ll find a way.

Who’s Worked With Us

  • stainmaster
  • chevrolet
  • sap
  • charles
  • covergirl
  • expedia
  • jockey
  • nordstrom
  • brawny
  • discoint-tire
  • jetblue
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