Lee Enterprises Revenue Uplift Case Study

THE PARTNERSHIP In July 2021, Lee Enterprises gave Saambaa the opportunity to help them with their yield optimization efforts. A few weeks later, Lee's properties were seamlessly onboarded adding six figures in new revenue. THE PROCESS Ryan Tornquist - Lee's Director of New Revenue Programs, was on the lookout

Ezoic & Saambaa Partner to Grow Online Publisher Ad Revenue

How Can Ezoic Help You? Ezoic is the country’s largest AI-based programmatic ad management platform helping over 12,000 digital publishers become more efficient and profitable. Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., the company was founded in 2010 to provide digital publishers and website owners with the right tools to optimize revenue, traffic,

Facebook is Getting Rid of Clickbait…Are you?

For some publishers on Facebook, it doesn’t always pay to pay. Listicle publisher Ranker and lifestyle publisher Topix have, for years, employed profitable traffic arbitrage strategies, buying Facebook ads to acquire traffic that they can then monetize through ads that earn more than the cost of the ads. These

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