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Saambaa increases your digital revenue with safe, engaging content.

Saambaa is the world’s largest content Monetization Platform powered by creators, reaching millions of readers each month on the Web’s most trusted publishers.

Saambaa generates revenue for web publishers through a combination of brand-safe content and advertising from our owned-and-operated SideStage Creator Platform.  SideStage works with leading YouTube, TikTok and Instagram creators to develop educating and entertaining content in a variety of global locations.

What Makes Us Different?

Top tier publishers choose to work with us because of our engaging content and cutting-edge ad tech.  Having been in business for over a decade, we have built our network on business integrity and relentless customer support.  Saambaa’s media partners include esteemed brands such as:

Saambaa’s curated content is presented in our proprietary Engagement ModulesTM, which are embedded on premium publishers’ sites across the web.  We provide exclusive opportunities for video, display and native advertisements within the modules.

Brand Safety

We stand behind brand safety because all of our content is professionally produced and we control it.


Our content is fresh and constantly in motion. Saambaa modules draw the readers’ eyes 3x more than typical ad placements.

Top-Tier Sites

We only partner with quality media companies that you can trust.

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Monetize With Us

Join the growing list of top media companies who have decided to monetize their site with carefully vetted content instead of clickbait. We produce comparable revenue to other content recommendation services without sacrificing your brand integrity.

“Saambaa has been a great partner for us, driving revenue, and providing quality content for our users.”
Bryan Goldberg, B Squared Ad Ops
“Saambaa has been a long-time partner of ours.  They play a key role in helping us monetize our website. We enjoy working with their team as they have always been very responsive”
Ed Arrandale, Weatherbug
“The Saambaa account management team has been one of the best we’ve worked with”
Ryan Tornquist, Lee Enterprises
“We have had a relationship with Saambaa for nearly 4 years, and they have always been responsive and easy to work with. They provide some needed revenue diversity to our display stack.”
Mike Disen, The Dallas Morning News

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