We produce comparable revenue to other content recommendation services without sacrificing your brand integrity.

How We Can Help

Add predictable revenue
– safely

Often times publishers find themselves stuck in a Cornelian dilemma: Add Paid Content or trade revenue.  We believe there should be a way to add consistent and predictable revenue without sacrificing your brand.

Add curated content
– for free

We work with hundreds of creators around the globe to bring your readers the most interesting content. From Antarctica to the beaches of Brazil, plus deals and discounts from emerging brands — we know what readers want to learn and dream about, and we constantly update it.

Audience Extension

Do you have ad budgets but not enough inventory? We can work with you to find comparable audiences within our publisher network, ensuring you are able to meet budget and targeting goals.


Saambaa provides IAB standard placements for all desktop and mobile ad sizes.

We also provide native, under-article and in-feed placements with responsive layouts.

Our Offerings

Easily serve us through DFP, Prebid or as code on the page.  Our modules fit in-article, along the rail, under articles and more.  We have the right size for you and every module is mobile-responsive.

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Phone Number
(858) 876-7694