In mid-2023, Deseret Media – a distinguished media powerhouse with a legacy of delivering impactful news and engaging content, teamed up with saambaa to boost their digital revenue strategy. The collaboration led to remarkable growth, injecting substantial revenue streams into Deseret Media’s portfolio in a short span.


As Lon Hatch, Deseret Media’s Digital Programmatic Yield Manager, sought a seamless revenue solution, saambaa’s platform emerged as the perfect fit. The integration was swift and easy, delivering an immediate revenue boost without disrupting ongoing operations. The simplicity along with detailed reporting saved valuable time and resources.


Deseret Media’s collaboration with Saambaa continues to yield significant revenue growth and operational efficiency. Lon’s positive feedback underscores the success of the partnership, highlighting saambaa’s commitment to delivering results and outstanding customer service.

“Saambaa’s customer service is unparalleled. Their outstanding communication and adaptability have exceeded expectations, delivering top-notch content and substantial revenue. Their ongoing optimizations have led to increased earnings and smoother operations.”

– Lon Hatch

If you’re seeking innovative revenue solutions and a partnership focused on driving growth, contact to explore how Saambaa can elevate your digital strategy.