In July 2021, Lee Enterprises gave Saambaa the opportunity to help them with their yield optimization efforts. A few weeks later, Lee’s properties were seamlessly onboarded adding six figures in new revenue.


Ryan Tornquist – Lee’s Director of New Revenue Programs, was on the lookout for a digital revenue solution that was easy to implement, monitor, and that was going to provide instant results without cannibalizing his current digital revenue efforts. Once the testing period came to an end, Ryan’s initial skepticism vanished. He got what he was looking for – instant yield uplift and safe content. “A win, win”.


It’s simple. Saambaa buys Lee’s ad space with 100% fill tags while providing them with high quality entertainment content. Our ad tags are placed in Price Priority always ensuring the highest bid for Lee’s inventory without doing any pass-backs. Putting Lee’s revenue interest always first.

Lee’s implementation was seamless. Ryan liked the fact that one set of tags could be used for all of their properties while reporting on each site individually — saving him time and effort.

“Communication and flexibility has been exceptional. From working through any report variances/discrepancies to working through tag modifications to decrease payload size. The Saambaa account management team has been one of the best we’ve worked with.”

– Ryan Tornquist


Today, Lee Enterprises and Saambaa are still working together striving for the same goals. Let’s see if we can work together too! We also offer a PreBid option aside from our “plug & play” solution.

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Download Here: Lee Enterprises Case Study